Would Bixi Gesture-Control the future World of Gadgets?


Bixi, a small, hexagon-shaped futuristic device, could control your gadgets, by taking your hand gestures as an input. It might sound like a sci-fi movie idea, but indeed the device has been developed for real. You can connect your smartphones, tablets or any other smart devices to it and perform various operations like, changing songs, adjust volume, scroll through documents, etc. just by waving hands to Bixi, not need to touch your gadgets. Previously devices like Leap Motion, and the Kinect also proposed similar ideas but didn’t turn out to be huge success. Now it’s the Bixi, a Kick-Starter project, which was announced at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016, has taken gesture controls in hands.

Bixi tracks our natural hand gestures and process the movements into meaningful actions, which would be sent to the device being controlled. Simply, it senses our gestures and commands the smart devices, enabling to control them without touching it. Let’s see the various factors that would decide whether it will be future gesture-controlling device.

Need for Bixi

carThough we are constantly in physical touch with our gadgets every day, there are times when you would need someone else to operate them for you. For example, you are busy cooking and you want to scroll down the recipe document on your tablet, but your hands are wet; you are driving through a freeway and you want to attend an incoming call without taking your eyes off of the road; you want to change music or activate your GoPro while you are biking on a hard terrain. Why not that ‘someone’ who’s going to help you do that for you be ‘Bixi’? And that is the ultimate concept of this device.

Description and Working of Bixi

bixi_bluetoothBixi is connected to your gadgets via Bluetooth LE. It comes with a companion app (Bixi app), which helps it to sense the gestures. It is equipped with a sensor, which could sense your gestures in a range of around 9.84 inches and field of its view is around 360 degree. Hence it works like this,

You make a gesture to Bixi sensors  the sensors transmit the signal to the Bixi app  The app reads the signal and delivers the command to the device.

Bixi, it’s like waving hello

As mentioned, the device uses various gestures such as waves and half waves that are simple and intuitive. Right now, the device will support eight different gestures, whereas it is expected to read more signals in future. It is said that the developers of this device are waiting for a time, when people would get more acquainted with it, before they can introduce more gestures. Hence, we could make out that using them would quite easy just like waving hello.

Extensive Usage

Bixi also offers to command certain Smartphone Apps like Spotify, iBooks etc. with your gestures, adding-up to its functions. Apart from controlling smart devices, it also controls lightbulbs, music systems, door locks, GoPro cameras, tablets, etc. providing an all-in-one household control.

The device also allows us to control more devices at the same time. For example, while you are on your bike, you could activate the GoPro and also change the music, when both the devices are connected with Bixi, by switching between the profiles. The ability to control multiple actions of two devices or apps simultaneously has been very welcoming amongst people and the top reason for its high anticipation.


bixi-gesture-control-7Though the device seem to offer a simple solution to control various devices, it is difficult to imagine how complicated it would be, when we will have to memorize several gestures to communicate with it. Sometimes, when multiple devices are being connected to Bixi, there greater chances to get much confused about, to which device we are giving signals to. However, we will have to wait until the device is made public, to answer these conjectures.


Ultimately Bixi looks to be a cool gadget that tracks gesture to control all connected devices, making life easy. Nevertheless, the Home Automation it has promised offer with simple gestures, is definitely a wonderful feature, kindling-up to the anticipation.