Why do employees leave the organisation?


Any organisation is built on three M’s – Men, Money and Machine. Among these, employees are considered to be the most important asset. And so they should also be treated with all the care. Let me share an example with you all. I remember, a friend of mine, who have been underpaid for several years. Despite of his constant request for increased salary, he was ignored on the company’s part. Dejected he resigned and joined an MNC on a package 3 times of what he was getting in the previous one!

One organisation’s loss is another one’s gain. But the question here is can an organisation take such risk of losing a talented employee in this era of competition? The answer is a big “NO”. So what are the reasons that make employees leave? Employees leave the organisation for various reasons. Some personal reasons such as rejoining the college for higher studies, staying home with children, etc are very difficult to handle as they involve their personal lives. In the year 2013, a famous US based, online career site took a survey of more than 3,000 workers to see what they thought were the major problems in their career: 45% of workers say they were dissatisfied with the opportunities that were available at their current company, 39 % say they didn’t have a positive work life balance, 10 % had a poor opinion of their boss and remaining said they felt like they were overlooked for a promotion.

One of the important causes of employee leaving the company is because of improper communication. Recently one of my husband’s colleagues left the company he is working for. The reason that he gave was; “the company has been kicking out employees for unknown reasons and that he does not want to work in an unstable environment where there is no “job security”. Certainly this is the case of improper communication, where the employees have not been properly communicated about the company’s retrenchment policy. It is often believed that employees will leave if they don’t like their managers even if they are paid well.

An article published in The Washington Post, where survey was conducted by a networking site found the main reasons for employees leaving the organisation were: Lack of Career Advancement opportunities and; Unawareness of the retention and advancement programs of the company. However Poor relationship with the supervisor was ranked very low. Other reasons were: Job dis-satisfaction and improper communication.

However some of the most common reasons for employee leaving are:

  • Monotonous and uninteresting jobs
  • Less pay
  • Job Insecurity
  • Poor working condition
  • lack of training
  • Improper Communication

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By Rashi Singh