What is google daydream?


With the launch of Google Cardboard, Google has cleared its intention of getting into the virtual world very soon and finally it has arrived with Daydream Virtual Reality.


What is Google Daydream:

So, you may want to know “what is Google Daydream”.

Well, let me explain then, Google Daydream is a Google’s Virtual Reality System, just like Samsung’s Gear VR or Google’s cardboard.

Google claims that the device has several amazing features which no other VR device has yet come up with.

But the main issue with Google Daydream is, it’s not compatible with all the phones.

And hence, People are excited as well as confused thinking “is their phone Daydream compatible”.

Well, first of all, let me clear that very less, I repeat very less current phones are Daydream compatible and one of the first phone, which has been announced as Daydream compatible is ZTE’s Axon 7, which costs just $399.

So far, Google has also cleared that its own phones, Pixel and Pixel Xl, are also Daydream compatible, but these are far expensive than any other phone (like ZTE Axon 7).

Apart from this, Google is also working to make Android Nougat (Android 7.0), a Daydream ready OS for all devices.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if the giant companies like LG, HTC, Samsung start launching daydream compatible phones.

Daydream VR Headset: Requirements

In the recent press conference, which was held a few days ago, Clay Bavor, the Google’s Virtual Reality team member, explained that the daydream headset is likely to support on only those phones which have 4GB of LPDDR4 system memory, AMOLED display and processor equivalent or powerful than Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. 

On the other hand, few experts claim that the daydream headset can support to multiple devices, unlike Samsung’s Gear VR.

Specification of Daydream VR:

The first noticeable thing in the Daydream is its lightweight. Google has claimed that it weighs 220 g, which is far lesser than Samsung Gear VR.

This VR Headset is made up of fabric, which will surely be very much comfortable as compared to other plastic built VR headsets.

However, none of the headset (Daydream and Samsung Gear) has iPhone support.

On the other hand, AMOLED display is required to use this headset.

There is no touch panel on the Google’s headset unlike Samsung’s Gear and as far as connectivity is concern, Daydream supports USB Type C.

Yet it is known that Daydream requires Android Nougat and it will hit the market in November 2016.

As far as price is concern then Google has turned little down for its customer, as Daydream will be sold for $79, which is $20 cheaper than Samsung’s Gear VR.