Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note Edge gets BlueBorne fix as well


New Security Fix Update

All of us have the habit of locking our house doors and double checking them before we leave. But, we fail to give the same attention to our smartphones, where all of our personal information’s are stored. Yes, absentmindedly we forget to Turn OFF the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals, which will easily gives access to the hackers to your smartphones, for example, the BlueBorne vulnerability. The Verizon and Samsung have started to release the BlueBorne security fix updates for their smartphones. Earlier, the Samsung smartphones have received their security fix update for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.

How they can attack your device

The BlueBorne vulnerability means, the remote attacker can control any devices through Bluetooth from anywhere. The hackers can control the device even without their physical presence. To make it clear, the device which is being attacked need not to be connected to the attacker’s device. The BlueBorne will also affect other devices including desktop, mobile and also the loT operating system, such as Android, Windows, iOS and Linux. The BlueBorne vulnerability will take place when you leave the Bluetooth turned ON and when it’s let idle. It is always advised to Turn OFF your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when it’s not in use.

Security Fix Update Versions

Coming back to the BlueBorne security fix update, the Verizon branded Moto Z2 have received a new update software version as NDSS26.118-23-6 for the month of September, and for the Samsung smartphones a security fix update is released as MMB29M.N915VVRU2CQI3 which is the most up to date Android security patches. But the carrier doesn’t specify exactly, whether the released security fixes update is for the month of September.

Moreover, the OnePlus 3/3T has already started to receive the BlueBorne security fix update, which was released officially in OnePlus Open Beta Channel. Galaxy Note Edge user needs to check the notification to update your device. Otherwise, you can also check for the BlueBorne fix update in Google Play Store to update your device easily. From now on it is advised that everyone should practice the habit to turn off the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and also the cellular data on their smartphone, when it’s not in use.