Use editing tools via Photos app


 Use editing tools via iOS 8 Photos app

Apple has driven the iPhone users to the Google’s open platform where they can enjoy freedom of Android customization. With the recent iOS 8, they have introduced extensions, allowing the access core to third-party developers, including camera and keyboard. There are various iOS 8 extensions available, you can easily get information related to each of them from the online websites. To know more about how to route the editing tools via extensions to the Photos app, continue reading the post.

The photo-editing extension indicates that you do not need to operate a photography app separately to use the editing tools. It is possible to add the tools to Photos app. For this all you need is to open the app, choose the image, followed by tapping of the Edit button provided at the upper-right corner.

Uses and guidance


To come across the pop-up tray you need to tap on the triple-dot button, provided at the left corner, followed by tapping on the More option. Here, you can get to view the apps which you have installed and support the photo-editing extensions. Choose the apps whose tools you like to use in sync with the Photos app, next time when you tap on the triple-dot button in the Edit mode, the apps would list down in the pop-up tray. Selecting a single app would also do, and in that case a panel will pop up instead, allowing you to edit the app tools. The panel will automatically slide down when you complete with the editing, and you will redirect to the Edit mode of the app along with the completed work.


photos app for ios8

The photo editing done in iOS 8 is non-destructive, which means you can undo them in the original form whenever you want. In order to do so, you need to go to the Edit mode and tap on the Revert button, provided at the lower-right corner.

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