Twickets – The most convenient app for planning a night out



Twickets is a fairly new app that has come out on the Google and Apple app stores, designed to help you planning your evenings out, and changing those plans, easier than ever. It’s been getting great reviews and its developers are working constantly to improve and add to this convenient, handy app.


So what does it do?

Twickets allows you to put up your unwanted tickets in exchange for the face value you purchased them at, allowing anyone who is interested to purchase the tickets you’ve set out at whatever price you’ve placed them at. It is only currently usable for events in the UK, but you can trade in tickets for whatever event you have tickets available for immediately or at the last second.

And how do I use it?


Tweet at them, @Twickets, or download the mobile app and post your tickets there. Then they will check to make sure your tickets are following their rules, and they’ll post them through their Twitter, Facebook, and through the mobile app, allowing anyone who might be interested to see the ticket. From there you are put in direct contact with the buyer, so the two of you can arrange a time to meet for the deal.

A convenient app for using inside the U.K. to ensure you get into wherever you wish to go, with integration across social media and on most any device you want.

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