Training Employees – Learn how you can train your emloyees


Training is defined “as act of increasing knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a job.” The training of an employee is essential for the progress of any organisation. It usually happens after orientation or induction i.e. the first meeting of the employee with the organisation. It is important to train the employee after he has been selected for a job. Though employees can be trained as and when there is a gap between the expected and the actual performance.

The final outcome of training is learning. However, training may be resisted on the employee s part as he may think that he is having a loss of his work and time during the entire duration of training .On the other hand, one of the risks of training of an employee with the new technology is, he may leave the organisation sooner than he is expected to leave. But still there is no second opinion that training is essential and employees should be trained .The importance of training can be understood from the fact that in 2012 alone $164.2 billion have been spent on employee training and development by the US Organisations.

In the recent times many organisation have been established throughout the world for purpose of training and development. One such is the New Zealand Association for Training and Development (NZATD).It is an independent professional association for workplace learning and performance, training, learning and development, and adult education specialists. The other one is The Association for Talent Development (ATD), formerly known as ASTD (the American Society for Training & Development), the world’s largest association dedicated to the training and development field. Each year the American Society for Training and Development gives award. The ATD BEST Awards recognises organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success through employee learning and talent development. In the year 2014, 46 organisations from various countries were declared as winners.

To name few : – Cognizant Technology Solutions, Deloitte LLP and IBM Corporation from USA, Mind tree Limited , Tech Mahindra, WNS Global Services (P) from India and Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. and Teknosa Ic & Dis Ticaret A.Ş. from Turkey.

Why training is important:
• It ensures employee safety
• It increases knowledge of the employee about his work.
• Training is important for personal growth too.
• It reduces the chances of employee turnover.

What an untrained employee loses?
• Time and productivity: The employee who has abstained himself from training may take a lot of time in performing the job and may have less productivity when compared to the employees who have been trained.

• A chance for self development: Every individual wants to develop himself. Self development plays a very important role in any one’s life. Learning a new technology, new ways to do a job is all part of self development. An untrained employee loses an opportunity to develop himself.

Some Photos About Training Empoyees:

by Rashi Singh