Top 10 Wearable Fitness Devices To Maximize Your Workout


Do you want to learn top 10 wearable fitness devices? You are the right place. Working out and being fit is something we all strive towards. Not everyone is equally motivated to work out, but most people can actually do so by having a device of some sort, which would ease their fitness and perhaps even change their living habits drastically. Nothing can help motivate you more than the results you achieved. To help you have a better overview of your workout sessions without getting in the way, you may find the wearable fitness devices as an amazing aid in your fitness regime.

10. Garmin Vivofit


What may look as an ordinary wrist watch to you at first, may turn out to be a fully fledged fitness tracker, made by the popular GPS crafting company. The Vivofit is going to be your best friend if you need to gather a lot of useful information regarding your fitness regime. The display may not be as fancy , but the device will be guaranteed to gather accurate, real – time information about your heartbeat rate, the amount of steps you have made during a day, the number of calories you have burned, as well as the amount of the time you spent sleeping.

Price: $129
More details: Garmin Official Webpage

9. Misfit Shine


Fitness devices don’t necessarily have to come in a form of wristbands of watches. The Misfit Shine is a fully wearable necklace which serves the same purpose, so you can rest assured that you will have a beautiful accessory and a useful gadget, all in one purchase. Even though it is initially presented as a necklace, a user can choose to wear it as a bracelet, or even a clip – on accessory. The data collected can be viewed via a smartphone and a lovely addition is in the fact that users can set goals for themselves and see exactly how much progress they made each day.


Price: $99
More Details: Misfit Official Website

8. Withings Pulse Ox


The Withings Pulse Ox may be just another one of the popular fitness gadgets, it can also be worn around the wrist. This is a completely the most suitable handheld gadget, which will be able to offer pretty much every bit of information your average fitness device will. You will see the amount of calories burned, the distance you have covered during a run, but what makes this little wearable fitness technology device stand out from the competition is a useful feature not many of them show. Just by holding your finger to the back of it, it can record your heart rate, calculate the time between your heartbeats and use that information to calculate your stress level.

Price: 199
More Details: Withings Pulse Ox Official Page

7. FitBit Flex


Who says that all of the wearable fitness devices are the same? Most of them focus on gathering useful information about your workout session, but there are others which do their best to make working out seem more like a fun, immersive activity, rather than a chore. The FitBit Flex is a colorful fitness tracking bracelet, which comes with a stylish, smooth design and many cheerful colors. It gives you all of the stats a fitness tracker does, while being conveniently placed on your hand, without encumbering you.


The information collected is stored onto your computer, where you can set a specific goal and follow the progress you have made, but also unlock achievements for completed goals. The real fun begins when more users go work out with the FitBit Flex. They can actually compete and have their workout stats compared in real time.


Price: $99.95
More Details: Fitbit Flex Official Web Page

6. LG Lifeband Touch


As fitness gadgets become increasingly popular, almost every electronics company worth itself will attempt and create one. To strike a difference at the market, the Lifeband Touch is a headband, meant to be worn around the head, rather than the traditional necklace/wristband style. It offers the standard data collection on the runner, but a real step forward is the fact that you can sync it with your smartphone and use it to accept incoming calls, read messages or play music while you are out and about. Even though it is meant to be working around the head, the LG Lifeband Touch is comfortable and stylish enough to wear when you go out for a run.

LG Lifeband Touch Technical Features;
Steps, Distance, Speed, Runtime of workout, Calories, Pace, Climb up/down
Fitness Performance Analytics
(+) Media Playback Controls
Multiple User Profiles
Water Resistant
Smartphone Call Notification
Smartphone SMS Text Notification
Wake-up Alarm
Activity Achievment Performance
(-) Color (Black)

Price: $149.99
More Details: LG Lifeband Touch Official Web Page

5. Polar Rcx3 GPS


Another watch – like accessory for people who take their training sessions seriously and want to have accurate input on the amount of training they have done. Often used by cyclists, this is primarily a GPS device, which has the stats collection feature built right in.

It can track your position, tell you about the speed you are going at and let you know the distance you have run or cycled through. If integrated with the online Polar Personal Trainer system, you can store the workout data long – term and even get useful tips and feedback about the quality of your training.

Price: 169.90
More Details: Polar Polar Rcx3 GPS Official Web Page

4. Jawbone Up – Jawbone Up24


Who says that every fitness gadget out there needs a screen? Screens are distracting and often get in the way! If you like the idea of a perfectly natural workout without having to show off your fancy, multi featured gadgets on the go, the Jawbone Up is for you!

Make no mistake, even if it doesn’t have a screen, this nifty little bracelet will still provide you with all of the desired data. It is much slimmer and much more stylish than the average wristbands of this sort.

Price: $79.99 – $129.99
More Details: Jawbone Up Official Web Page

3. Samsung Gear Fit


Just like LG jumped into the fitness trackers game, Samsung didn’t fall behind either. The wearable watch comes with a ton of useful details about your training sessions. It has a built in heart rate monitor and is able to accurately record the distance ran. Though, the only bad thing about this device is the fact that it is compatible only with Samsung devices.


Price: $149.99
More Details: Samsung Gear Fit Official Web Page

2. Basis PEAK

Basis Peak

While a lot of wearable fitness devices can seem stylish and insightful at first glance, can they actually fulfill their purpose? The Basis Peak seems to be the only device which was praised for managing to collect data as accurately as possible.


With a wide array of different parameters, like the basic ones, the heart rate, calories burned and the distance covered, but it also measures the perspiration rate.

Price: $199.99
More Details: Basis Peak Official Web Site

1. Nike+ Fuelband SE


And here it is! The big winner! Who wouldn’t have assumed that Nike is going to take the first place? Not just because it tracks your activity and pushes you to challenge yourself. All of these devices can do that. The Nike Fuelband SE lets you convert your daily stats to the so called ‘Nike Fuelpoints’ which are then compared to other users. This is bound to make your training fulfilling and competitive. You are definitely going to put so much more effort in, knowing that you are looking to become the next workout legend! Also If you want to learn more about wearable clothes, check the future of the wearable tehnology article.


Price: $149
More Details: Nike+ Fuelband SE Official Web Page