Thinks to be known about processors before buying a smartphone


Before buying a smartphone, dozens of things strike in our mind and hence we eventually end up with huge confusion on what to buy or what not to buy.

However, we as a normal user concentrate mostly on display, RAM, and battery and forget the most important part of a mobile phone, its processor.

The processor can affect everything, RAM efficiency, battery consumption and everything and hence it should be powerful, fast and efficient.

Most of us may think that the processor which has a large number of cores is the powerful one.

But wait, it’s not only cores, which make a processor powerful, there are several aspects which need to be known.

Here I have dug up a bit and found four major aspects, which you need to know about mobile processors before buying a smartphone.


There are four major companies, who design mobile processors – MediaTek, Qualcomm, Samsung, Nvidia. 

But there is only one company, ARM, which designs architecture for every processor. All the major processor makers use architecture made by this company.

Now, in very simple words, we can understand that whichever the latest design is (designed by ARM), would be the most efficient one, which means Cortex A57 is better than Cortex A53.

Technology Used:

A processor contains millions of transistor but what makes it more efficient is the size of that transistor (in simple words), which means that processor would be more efficient if the transistors are comparatively smaller than other.

Processor making companies design transistors as per as the architecture provided by ARM.

In the race of making the smallest transistor, Samsung is on top as the company has made transistor of size 14 NM. 

On the other hand, Qualcomm comes in the second with 20 NM size. 

Number of Cores:

When it comes to a number of cores, we can understand that ability to handle a number of works at a time is directly proportional to a number of cores.

In short, the higher the number of cores, the more efficient the processor would be.

Smartphones currently in the market have mostly quad-core, hexacore or the octa-core, which means 4 cores, 6 cores, and 8 cores respectively.

A processor is said to be more efficient when its number of cores is high as compared to other with remaining aspects such as architecture and technology used same.

Frequency (GHz):

There is a clock fixed with every processor and this clock calculates/shows the ability of processor in one clock cycle.

In other words, a 1GHz processor can run up to 100 million times in one second.

But here, we need to understand that to speed up a processor, clock speed or frequency is not the only measure which affects.

So, it could happen that a 1.5GHz processor works efficiently than a 2GHz processor, depending upon its other specifications.


Now, once we are done with the major points. We can now choose the best mobile processor based on our requirement.

Suppose, you are a multi-tasker and heavy user, so you obviously need a processor which consumes less energy, completes a work faster, can handle multitasking smoothly.