We’re still in the marrow of 4G revolution that offers a super-fast mobile data service on both the aspects such as, coverage and speed capabilities. But 5G, the name currently being given to the future generation of mobile data connectivity, seems to take so long to be launched publicly that it will come even later than the last drop has been wringed from 4G. The 5G technology is most anticipated globally, as it is going to be many times faster than what we have now. Though it is expected that it will be launched commercially in the year of 2020, there is supposedly a need for massive hardware and software revolution to happen for emergence of 5G that all major top-rated telecom companies are busily working towards.

What‘s it all about 5G Network?

5g wirelessEverybody loves trouble-free, fast internet, which is the main reason for developing 5G.  It is a wireless connection built particularly, to keep-up with the propagation of devices that require faster mobile internet connection. 5G will be built upon the foundation created by the Long Term Evolution (LTE). It outstandingly increases the speed at which the data are transferred across the networks. 5G technology includes all kind of highly developed features, to be powerful to fulfill the future’s huge demand.

Why top companies want to move to 5G?

As mentioned 5G is going to be the next big thing and need of the future. Thus all major players are buckling-up to make necessary changes to adapt themselves for the 5G. In spite of all these, 5G is still something of contradiction, the standard doesn’t exist yet. It will be months or years before, it is going to be finally defined. Meanwhile, top companies and other social networks working on their standardization, before it is finally launched. But for now, 5G is just a concept and the one that needs to go from freeware to real world, which could probably take six more years.

What are the struggles that lies in developing 5G?

It is not easy to build an infrastructure for 5G, with various issues around them. 5G network requires high frequency bands and installation of new kind of antennas. Obstacles like climate changes and trees can interrupt their fast preparation. Installation of advanced and efficient base stations are needed for better coverage. With all these information, we should keep one more thing in our minds. The advancement we have achieved so far, until the 4G was once just a dream. So, we could say for sure, though it is difficult for the emergence 5G, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible and moreover it is the need for future. Therefore, the telecom companies are trying hard to overcome these problems and they keep testing various possibilities to develop 5G networks.

Hard competitors in the race to develop 5G Network

  • Huawei
  • Ericsson
  • Samsung


Huawei is one of the leading company that is sincerely developing their 5G technologies. As much as, more than 200 employees are working under the projects for developing the new technology. The company said that they have conducted a lot of tests to improve the spectrum efficiency of the new technology. Abdurazak Mudesir, Vice President of Huawei, took audience in the innovation day of Huawei in the year of 2016, through the key use cases and applications that are to come first in the implementation of 5G. And he shortly explained about their 5G Plans. But, still they are working on the initial implementation of their 5G plans.


Ericsson has also took numerous steps to develop 5G technology. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson is a service based company that promotes capitalization of $26 billion. The Ericsson is keenly operating at the front position of 5G hardware development and is also participating in test and research programs with other mobile operators. The company is very keen about the development of new technology that the Ericsson’s intensification of 5G technology have informed incomplete advancements in its 4G LTE equipment business industry.


In the year of 2020, Samsung wants to fetch 5G networks to their clients and to the top three players in 5G networks. Their partnership with MTS to explore a new telecommunication technology, is reported to be quite fruitful. Samsung has formed a task force of around 100 workers from its telecom and semi-conductor arms to initiate the works on 5G, which would offer speeds that are faster than the current 4G networks. Samsung is a key donor and holds an essential copyright policy related to the new 5G standards, which is awaited to be concluded in the year of 2018. They hope to launch temporary trials of 5G networks in South-Korea by 2018.

Most of the top companies are giving their best to develop 5G networks technologies. But nevertheless, it is difficult to implement it in the real-world. They are taking steps to improve it and the process is going on. In all good chance, most of us have a wish to see 5G network symbol in our mobiles phones. Hopefully, it will be fulfilled in the forth-coming years.