The Report against the issue of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are increasing


Google had unveiled its most anticipated smartphones, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL earlier this month. Both had gained a great reputation at the time of launching. But unfortunately, now the users are facing multiple issues in their smartphone and the reports regarding the devices issues are kept on increasing. The Pixel 2 smartphone is made by HTC Company whereas the Pixel 2XL is made by LG Company. The problems in both the smartphone aren’t same, they are causing different issues.

Pixel 2XL Issues

The Pixel 2XL features a POLED technology display with QHD, wide color gamut display. The users of Pixel 2XL have filed numerous issues till now and common among them is the display burn-in and durability issue. Further, other than these problems now a new complaint has started coming out. The problem of display black smear, which multiple users are experiencing. The black smear issue is common in the OLED display devices.

Pixel 2 Issues

Coming to the issue of the Pixel 2, the users are reporting that their device is producing a high pitch frequency and ticking sound. The problem of the clicking sound occurs at the time of unlocking the device. Some users also reported that the clicking noise occurs when they change some settings like airplane mode, safe mode, factory reset and also after rebooting. Not every Pixel 2 users are facing both the problems, some suffers from the high-pitch noise issue and others are experiencing the ticking sound issue.

According to the forum user, who brought both Pixel 2 smartphones said that both his handsets are facing the high-frequency sound issue. And he also added that in one device, he is experiencing the clicking sound issue. Other users have reported that they are experiencing the audio problem while making or answering the calls.

Bottom Line

A Google spokesperson said that the company is taking all the reports and looking into it very seriously. He also added that their engineers will look into the issues and will soon come with the solution for it. Right now, the Pixel users are suffering multiple issues in their smartphone. Let’s hope that the company will soon release the updates for these issues.