The perfect machine for 4K gaming experience


The perfect machine for 4K gaming experience



Origin PC includes the latest components from Nvidia and Intel and form a highly flexible desktop chassis. The scores for performance are just outstanding and this superb machine can handle gaming easily at 4K resolutions. The support and build quality provided by the company is just excellent.

Bottom Line


The configuration of the Origin PC Millennium is highly expensive and includes three Nvidia GTX 980 GPUs and Intel’s new Haswell-E CPU for outstanding 4K gaming performance.

Built-to-order laptops and desktops have been designing for couple of years now by Boutique gaming PC Company Origin PC, and this Millennium model is their latest creation. This amazing model is one of its kinds. With the ever-changing roster of various components, the system may be different totally from the example cited several years ago.

New components making up this superb machine


The greatest and latest components that are packed into this machine are the main focus on interest for us. The Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards and the Intel’s Core i7 Haswell-E processor  are new parts and they have been used in this system. In fact, it can be said that this is the very first system that we got a chance to test our creation with.

Some exclusive features

Various laptop and desktop gaming systems have been built by the boutique companies contain important high-end parts inside the generic off-the-shelf cases. But these designs do not usually reflect the huge prices as well as the attention to detail found within the aluminium and plastic cases. In case of this instance, the Millennium is designed actually into an interesting box. In fact, the midtower desktop chassis, which has been designed by the Origin PC, operates in inverted ATX and ATX positions. The components and motherboard can be rotated at the 90 degree angle, overall leading to four starting shapes.


So, if you desktop building refresher course, then ATX is one of the most common motherboard form factors and in case of some of the desktops, one can choose whether the side window of the case, through which the internal components can be viewed will be on the left or right side. The list of new features does not end here. To know more about this marvellous innovation, continue browsing our website.

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