The new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro by Lenovo hitting the market from October’s end


The new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro by Lenovo hitting the market from October’s end



Some minor updates have been made by Lenovo to the previous 10 inch and 8 inch Yoga 2 tablets, which includes changing the design of the kickstand and adding the version of Window 8. But the latest Yoga tablet by Lenovo is really a blast and it is completely different from the designs of the previous tab models.

Fantastic features


The new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro comes with a cylindrical kickstand design, which although resembles the previous version, but the in-built pico projector equipped inside the bulging hinge makes all the difference. This is no doubt an unexpected and superb addition in this new model, which sets it apart in the crowd. The project is easy to access and can be activated with a single click on the button provided at the side of the chassis. It can also be activated by the software button, designed on the interface screen.

Yoga sideThis 13 inch tablet is also designed with high quality speakers, which are certainly above that what we get to see in regular tabs. The output is 8 watts, which is much more that what you can get with other tabs, and the small in-built JBL-branded subwoofer is just an icing to the cake. This gadget projects 16:9 images that can work diagonally up to 50 inches. At the rounded edge, a small slider is provided, which can be used for adjusting images. As compared to other tabs the 13 inch screen makes it appear bigger. The huge rounded edges make the product less portable.

More space, better features

In comparison to a flat tab, the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro will take a little more space in your bag to fit perfectly. But the rounded edges enable you to set your grip perfectly while using the tab. Again, the kickstand allows the users to set up the tab properly while watching a movie or reading any documents. The cutout designed in the kickstand allows user to hang the device.


Availability and sale

The battery life is around 15 hours, but while using the projector it may last up to only 3 hours. This product will go on sale near the end of this month; the price is set around €499, £449 and $499 in UK. It will be available for sale in Australia from the mid of October.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Photos