The new designer and exclusive P5 Series 2 headphone


The new designer and exclusive P5 Series 2 headphone

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The Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2 headphone is known for its excellent and robust built, the well-balanced sound offers accuracy and transparency. The earpads are removable and come with 2 cables which are detachable. One of the earpads has an in-built Apple friendly microphone/remote. External voice can be avoided with the help of the tight seal shuts, the headphones even do not leak any sound. A carry case is also provided for protection.


The Bottom Line

B&W P5


The Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2 comes with the similar winning design like that of the predecessor, but the sound quality is quite better.

This headphone is although new, but not exactly new. This is stated because apart from the colour change, i.e. from silver to black there are no such visible changes. This version resembles completely with the original P5 and cost around $299.99. From the inner portion, the latest P5 series comes with a driver, which is in sync with the P7 driver, an over-the-ear model.

Exclusive design

B&W P5_1

If you are looking for an on-ear headphone, then the P5 series is really comfortable. It is always widely preferred for its swanky design and a combo of modern and retro styling. There are individuals for whom the earphone fits too snugly initially, but the headband flexing leads to pressure release.

Different from typical headphones


This headphone comes with a carry case that is designed in an exclusive style. The earphone can be folded flat and the cord is detachable. Unlike the normal headphone, P5 does not contain the headphone input jack at the base. However, the connection is built via the driver and it can be accessed by a simple tug that adheres magnetically.

Types available

You can get two kinds available, one that constitutes of an integrated microphone and remote, it plays well with the Apple gadgets, while another is the standard earpiece with cable. This simply indicates that all remote features do not work well with Windows and Android devices, but still calls can be made easily without any hassle. The sound quality is also quite decent.


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