The Logitech K480 is bluetooth, wireless keyboard and useful for every occasion


The Logitech K480
is a versatile bluetooth and wireless keyboard with wide functionality and moderate customizability that is usable by everyone, on pretty much every occasion. You will have a use for this keyboard while you have your electronics with you.

What makes it so useful?

The K480 is a keyboard that connects via Bluetooth. That means that any and all of your bluetooth capable devices can be linked with it, and can use its input for themselves.
suitable for all devices keyboard

This allows you to quickly turn your bluetooth-capable smartphone, tablet, or even laptop or desktop into a much more convenient typing machine.

What features does it have?

It can connect to and output to up to three devices at once using its side selector dial. It has a convenient slot for placing your smartphone or tablet into, multiple buttons versatility for use with any machine, be it Apple-made, Google-made, or Microsoft-made. It comes with keys such as command keys and windows keys. You can use it with whatever machine and a choice between a white-and-gray color scheme and a black-and-yellow color scheme.


All-in-all this is a useful and powerful tool for day-to-day use and convenience in ways that might be unexpected to most people. Don’t let yourself be caught in awkward or clunky situations using on-screen keyboards, when you can pick a tool like this up.

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Price: $49