The latest Creative Stylus 2 Wacom


The latest Creative Stylus 2 Wacom



The Wacom Creative Stylus 2 is priced reasonable, well designer, user-friendly interface and comfortable to use.

Bottom line

It comes with a pressure-sensitive stylus, cost-worthy, great and well-priced product


Creative Stylus 2


This model resembles the original Creative Stylus by a large extent. If you are familiar with the original model, then you will certainly get to understand that this is a perfect duplicate of that model. But the new features which buyers can enjoy with the present model, makes a lot of difference. The design is slightly refined. The barrel is although of the same dimension, the CS2 is a bit long and weight around 0.1 oz/6 g less than the previous version. The number of apps supported by the latest model makes it the best choice among teenagers and app users. Zen Brush, Autodesk Sketchbook and ArtRage are some of the few apps supported by the CS2. (You can get the complete app list supported by the model online). The designer hard case along with the USB charging cable and the replacement nib makes it a perfect choice for all.

The features of the stylus

Just like Bamboo Fineline, now CS2 also has a Micro-USB connector, exactly at the rear top with a robber cover attached. The stylus needs to be handled with great care; else it is possible that the cover gets ripped off. The best part is that the battery life is quite long and it also takes less time to get recharged. This is really something more that you can expect for a decent price.


Numerous options to choose from

Artsy types looking forward to replicate the pressure-sensitive stylus experience, finally now gave a number of options to select from. Gone are those days when users have to work with clunky and fat-tipped styluses, now with options like Adobe Ink, Jot Touch that uses the soulmate technology and others are in the line up. Similarly, Creative Stylus 2 is also one of the significant updates of this year from veteran stylus company Wacom. It includes a carbon-fiber coated rubber tip of 6mm, 2.9mm nib, replaceable batter and internal USB-charged battery. Comparatively, the price is also quite attractive, dropping down to AU$100/£65 or $80.

Wacom Creative Stylus 2 Photos