The FreedomPop: A fantabulous handset for just $90


The FreedomPop: A fantabulous handset for just $90


The FreedomPop-branded handset comes with 7-inch display along with a reasonable price tag of $90, which is really a big size for mobile phones. Usually, tabs are available with such large screens, but the prices are beyond imagination. With FreedomPop you are really getting an unbelievable opportunity.


The 4-megapixel back camera as well as a 0.3-megapixel front camera can provide users with an impeccable experience of photography. If you love photography and always prefer to carry a camera with you, then this awesome handset can prove to be your best companion. The 1,024×600-pixel resolution provides high clarity pictures. The large screen offers almost screen-to-price ratio, you can get a blasting handset for such a negligible amount.


The 4GB onboard storage, which can be easily expanded using microSD card and 1.2GHz dual-core processor makes this phone the perfect choice for everyone. Again, the 2,400mAh battery offers high back, and perfect for the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and hardware functions.

Light weight and sleek design

Are you wondering what is so different about this handset? Well, this amazing phone can provide you with almost all the functions that you can get in a tablet. Moreover, it is not even heavy or too big to fit in your pocket. This FreedomPop is perfect to fit every hand and its sleek design and cool finishing touch makes it the best choice for teenagers.

VoIP positioning

What really different with this handset is the status of the company as VoIP player, indicates that although Liberty has a text app and dialer, it does not possesses the cellular radio. The VoIP positioning indicates that the FreedomPop is not traditional MVNO, and it relies on the net connection to relay calls and send texts instead. It saves money as there is no need to purchase text or voice services from other existing wireless service provider.


FreedomPop will sell the LTE version of Liberty in the month of October, called as Frenzy. The wireless providers will cost around $99 and also teasing one other Android phone of $90 down the line. It also plans to stock Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablets at reduced prices.