The best 5 twitch streaming softwares


Whenever we hear the word ‘live stream’, the only thing comes to our mind is, live TV or live video chat.

But in today’s world, where people are moving towards Virtual Reality, Live Streaming is not limited to TV or video chat.

Well, we can now come live on social media platforms such as Facebook to share our views and this all can happen right from your home, using your computer or mobile.

What is “Streaming Software”

But before understanding how we could get live using some of the best software available in the market, we must understand what is ‘streaming software’.

Well, the simplest explanation would be, ‘streaming software’ are the software which connects your computer’s camera or webcam to the ‘streaming platform’ like Twitch.

Most of these softwares are available free of cost to use. You just need to download one of them and install on your computer.

Five Best Twitch Streaming Softwares

Every software which is currently present in the market for live streaming has some special or unique feature in order to enhance our live streaming experience.

But the best softwares are those, which have all the essential features along with user-friendly arrangements.

#1 Open Broadcaster Software:

Open Broadcaster Software is commonly known as OBS and currently is the most popular ‘streaming software’ present in the market.

Well, OBS is completely free to use (no charge at all) and it’s an open source, so keeps getting better and better.

Another feature, which makes it out of the box is its very user-friendly. And above all, its works really smooth and fast.

With OBS, you get support for streaming on dozens of websites, including Twitch. There is an ‘optimize‘ option, which can get you all the required settings for the channel.

For users, who don’t want to waste time on ‘experimenting’ things, can stop here and go with this.

#2 FFSplit

Another brilliant software for live streaming, which comes with very handy tools with dozens of options.

Just changing output type to Twitch, it detects the Twitch server automatically and connects you with the best available streaming performance.

User can record video in three formats, .flv, .mp4 and .mkv.

Features are similar to OBS and also free to use.

#3 Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder is another free software which provides the same as OBS and FFSplit.

The only difference is, one cannot use this software if he/she doesn’t have external or internal recording device such as web camera.

It is not as easy as OBS or FFSpilt, as you need to fill every parameter (to connect twitch or other servers) manually.

#4 GeForce ShadowPlay

GeForce ShadowPlay goes with its name and has a special feature called ShadowPlay, which can only be found on few GeForce Graphics Card.

This special feature allows the user to record some part of the video by using a specified hotkey, which means the user doesn’t have to record everything. He/she can record only those things which they think are important.

#5 Xsplit

This software is not completely free but if you are ok with watermark, you can use it for free.

The most interesting part of this software is, it’s very easy to use. It feels like you are using a normal software as it doesn’t have any heavy/lengthy setting options.

There are two software available with somehow similar functionality, first, is known as Xsplit Broadcaster while the other one is known as Xsplit Gamecaster.

Here, Xsplit Broadcaster, as per as its name, is for streamers and another one, which is Xsplit Gamecaster, is for commentators.