The best 3 android console quality games


About Android

Android is the mobile operating system invented by Google. Its first version was commercially released in November 2008 and it is frequently updated by Google. It is commonly installed on a variety of touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Google has further developed many Android variants in game consoles, digital cameras, Android Auto for cars, Android Wearable accessories, Android smart phones and other electronic devices.

Why Google introduced Android Game Console?

Lately Google is more focused in developing games that runs on Android OS, which has proved particularly popular, and they are growing even more rapidly than other console games. They really want to build a strong gaming ecosystem around its Android Operating system. The top 3 best android console quality games are as follows.

  • HearthStone Heroes of warcraft


Hearthstone Heroes of warcraftis a card game. It is one of the best android games ever since its release.It was currently available on android phones, android tablets and ipad. In this game the players gather cards, built their decks and duel with other playersusing those decks. The cards contains keywords, which is helpful for the players to move to higher levels with high scores. It was designed to be a quick, fun and pretty game, but also offers significantly deep complex strategy for hard core players. This game has gained a very good reception all over the world with 50 million players, for its excellent gaming experience in April 2016.

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition


It is one of the best games which we could find in Google Play Store. It is the mobile version of Minecraft developed by Mojang AB. It was released for the android devices on 7th of October 2011. More than one players are allowed to play this game. In this game, the players construct their buildings using blocks. It contains two gaming modes which are survival mode and creative mode.

Survival mode: In this mode the players collect their individual blocks from the outer world and keep it themselves.

Creative mode: In this mode the players collect all the blocks, transport them and place them for building blocks. Then they create anything with those unlimited blocks, on their own imagination.

After construction players attack their enemies with their weapons so that they can’t take any more of their resources. At last the player who defeatsall enemies, will be the winner.

  • Pokemon Go:

pokemon go

It was created in July 2016by Niantic, Inc. an American Software development company. It is one of the best smart phone games. In this game the players catch and gather Pokemons and instruct them to cross various stages. This game constantly needs both location and internet.

It has critically acclaimed a massive reception all over the world, attracting people by its amazing game play, which involves in, walking all around in the real world and catching the pokemon in smart phones. But this game had a history of server issues, which were resolved by the developers. Although this game is free to play, it consists of in-app purchases, where players can purchase extra poke balls and other items.