The Automatic Camera of Google Clips Uses Artificial Intelligence


The automatic camera Google Clips is completely futuristic and it is one of the most impressive products of Google. The company also unveiled a new pair of smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Pixel Buds wireless earphones, Pixelbook notebook, and Home Max and Home Mini smart speakers. But it was Google Clips that admired the most.

Google Clips Uses Machine Learning

In fact, the camera utilizes the facial recognition technology, which holds off from capturing the picture until it sees the faces it recognizes. The company says the tech behind the automatic camera is machine learning, which is installed in it. When the camera is switched on by the user, it begins to look for good spontaneous moments to capture.

Moreover, the camera lights up only when it is taking the image or a snap. Adding privacy is a crucial element in Clips told by an executive. The company also added that all the machine learning takes place on the device itself. If the user doesn’t want to capture the moment it deems fit, then there is a shutter button on the camera as well as one in the Google Clips app to capture other moments or subjects it sees.

Unlimited Storage on Google Photos

Once the image or the clip has been captured, it syncs wirelessly from the camera to the Google Clips app, which is available on Android or iOS platforms. The users can also save or delete the images or clips by using the app and they can also decide the resolution of the image before storing it. The company provides unlimited Google Photos cloud storage at no charge for the users. This first edition Google Clips was specifically designed and developed for parents and pet owners.


The Google Clips is best compatible with Pixel, Samsung S7/8 and on the iPhone (6 and higher versions). This automatic camera has a price tag of $249, which doesn’t seem to be cheap, but it is going to grasp number people when it is out for sale in the United States.