Swiftkey Now Tops the iTunes Charts


iPad and iPhone users are already delighted by Swiftkey, which has recently been offered to iOS. They rate it exceptionally well which has been reflecting on iTunes charts since Friday. Swiftkey keyboard, which is a predictive typing application, has swiftly made its way to the top of the iTunes Charts. It has become the most widely accepted free app among both iPad and iPhone users.

Instant success

The App Store has featured Swiftkey since Wednesday, which is also when iOS 8 was launched. Android users were already privy to Swiftkey and have only praises for it. BetaNews is a blog site that received an official statement from Swiftkey’s Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Joe Braidwood. In this statement he admits that Swiftkey’s success on iOS 8 is definitely overwhelming.

easy-writing-iphone-androidFacts and figures that support

The app was downloaded onto more than 1 million devices in less than a day. Its popularity is further increased by the highly customizable options. Selection of skin colours and keyboard layouts is possible with Swiftkey. The app also picks up the writing style of its users, making it all the more user friendly. After the first few characters are typed this predictive typing app offers a list of suggestions. Tap the correct suggestion and the right word is inserted. It is as simple as that.

Take your pick

iOS 8’s default keyboard also offers predictive typing. This keyboard also displays suggestions based on the initial characters; however with Swiftkey characters can be inserted by swiping across the keyboard. To choose the keyboard one prefers, users should definitely try both and then employ the one that is suited to their needs. These keyboards have received a warm welcome because there are several improvements in both when compared to keyboards of previous versions of iOS especially iOS 7.