Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Application Features


SleepCycleAlarmClockapp Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock represents a very smart app which was developed by Northclub AB and aims at making sure that the sleep of any of the app’s users feels better and that people wake up rested through the use of some very smart features.

With this in mind, the app detects the amount of movement in your sleep in order to detect your sleep quality while also calculating the sleep phase that you may be in at a certain moment. Once you are in the lightest sleep mode at a certain time in the morning that you can choose, the app will go ahead and wake you up.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock also has some more features; some of these including the ability to see graphs or to pick different alarm melodies.

With all of these aspects in mind, it can be easily said that this app can have a positive influence when it comes down to the way you sleep. Thanks to the help of its great features, but also its smart way of communicating with your phone’s gyroscope, the results offered can be precise, thus eliminating the usual bad feeling that most of us have when we get out of bed. If you are searching alarm clocks for heavy sleepers, this app is best for you.

Do you want to learn its features? Ok! Watch this video: