Siri voice commands for iPhone 7


With Apple’s virtual assistant, you can go touchless while using your iPhone and trust me, it can create magic.

But even though, it has a limit, like you can create a new message and send to some particular number but it can’t decrease or increase your phone’s volume, which luckily Google’s Virtual Assistant (OK GOOGLE) can do.

Apple itself hasn’t ever published the complete list of SIRI COMMANDS, but if you say “HELP”, to SIRI, it shows several helpful contents.

Now, if you don’t want to talk to SIRI to learn how it works, you can read and understand very commonly used SIRI commands, which are listed below.

Enable “Hey SIRI”

There are three ways to activate SIRI on your iPhone:

  1. Press and hold the home button for few seconds to activate the SIRI temporary. Once it becomes active, you can ask whatever you wish to.
  2. While wearing Apple’s EarPods, press and hold the center button to activate the same. And then ask whatever you want.
  3. Activate SIRI permanently on your phone using setting panel. Go to Setting > General > Siri. Switch it on and then also switch-on the “Hey SIRI” toggle. You will also get other options such as location, language etc, change if you need. Please ensure to keep on your phone’s location services. Now to use, just say “Hey SIRI” followed by whatever you wish to ask.

Commands for SIRI

We can’t say there are a limited number of SIRI commands, but today we have brought some frequently used commands, which every beginner should know about.

Read below-listed commands and study, how it works:

  • Say “Call Mom“, or “Call Alex” after saying “Hey SIRI” and it would start calling that contact. This same command can also be used for Facetime, just replace the word ‘call’ with ‘face time’.
  • Say “Call the fire department“, “Call the Police Station” or “Call 911“, to call the emergency contact. It usually fetches number online reading your location and before calling.
  • Say “Play Voicemail from Mom” or ask “Do I have new Voicemail” and get an answer related to your voicemail.
  • Say “Tell Mom I am arriving late today” or “Tell Alex I am not going to store today” to send a text message to a contact (Mom or Alex).
  • Say “Send an email to Alex about Recent Tour and say I am not going.” and it will send an email to ‘Alex’ with subject ‘Recent Tour’ and body ‘I am not going’.
  • Say “Read my new messages” and it will read out the latest arrived messages.
  • Say “Check emails” and it will check for new emails.
  • Say “Set the Timer for 10 minutes” and it will set the timer for 10 minutes from now.
  • Say “Do I need an umbrella” or “How’s weather today” and it will check current weather’s condition and reply accordingly.
  • Say “How many dollars are in one Euro” and it will calculate the exact amount as per current rate and speak the result.
  • Say “What is a 20 percent tip on $68” and it will do all maths and reply with an answer.
  • Say “Take a selfie/photo” to take selfie or photo.
  • Say “Turn on Wifi” to on Wifi. (Use same for Bluetooth, Cellular Data, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, Night Shift).
  • Say “Increase/Decrease brightness” to do so.
  • Say “Open [App Name]” to open that particular app.
  • Say “Check flight status of [flight number]” to check flight’s current status.
  • Say “Play [artist] or [song name] or [album]” to play that particular music.
  • Say “Make a reservation at Baco Mercat for 7 p.m” to make a reservation. Change the query a bit to search for restaurants nearby.
  • Say “How did the Tigers do last night” to get sports update about Tigers.
  • Say “How do I get to [destination] by [walking, bus, bike, car, train, etc.]” to get travel distance and direction.
  • Say “What’s traffic like on the way home” to check traffic on the way to home.
  • Say “Define [word]” to get the exact meaning of that word.
  • Designate contacts as relationships. Ex.: “My mom is Sandy Jacobsson,” or “Alex is my brother.” Once a relationship is established, you can say relationships instead of names (e.g., “Call my brother,” instead of “Call Alex“).