Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gets 115% more battery life


Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 8 last month. The Galaxy Note 8 is a bezel-less device with some flagship amenities. The problem that the user faces is the battery capacity. The Galaxy Note 8 is packed with a 3300mAh non-removable battery. With all the specs, the battery drains its energy quickly.

Extend your battery life!

Here is the happy news for all Galaxy Note 8 users. Remember it is a non-removable battery, therefore, the users can extend the battery life of the Galaxy Note 8 with the help of ZeroLemon battery case. By the way, having some extra juice is always good. Without any doubt, the ZeroLemon will increase your battery life at the same time it is convenient to carry in your pocket.

As mentioned earlier, it is a non-removable and some might think how the ZeroLemon will increase the battery life. Well, the ZeroLemon is like a power bank, housed conveniently in Note 8 case to double the battery life. The Samsung Company has released its 5500mAh ZeroLemon battery for the Galaxy Note 8. The extended battery life will 100% double the battery life which will stay nearly 48 hours for talk time, 16 hours for watching movies, 74 hours of music playback. This standby time will vary with your use. The ZeroLemon case have four different LED light to indicate the case battery percentage.

Well, the size of the ZeroLemon has got some changes. Yes, the top and bottom bezel of the ZeroLemon was reduced and the fingerprint cut out is now greater, it looks like a ZeroLemon SlimPower case. The ZeroLemon battery case is very helpful at the time of traveling.

Order now!!

Now, the ZeroLemon is available on Amazon with a half-off rate offer. The ZeroLemon battery case now carries the price tag of $39.99 in Amazon. The shipping will start in a couple of days with ZeroLemon service including one year guarantee, claimed 100% zero defect rate and lifetime customer support. This is the great chance to buy the ZeroLemon battery case of the Galaxy Note 8. I hope that the Galaxy Note 8 user will make use of this great opportunity for extending the battery life.