Poki: The free application for all video lovers and book readers


Poki: The free application for all video lovers and book readers


This is a free app that is really attractive and comes with lots of features for Pocket bookmarking-service to the Windows Phone.

Bottom Line

The free app Poki is no doubt the best for Windows Phone; few features are missing, but provide users with simple and cool experience.


POKI features

Pocket is a free bookmarking service and widely gaining popularity among those who love to watch and read things on the internet. Users can save videos and articles using this app on a personal account, which can be read or watched later on via other devices. This app even provides offline access. This app is considered as the third-party client for the Pocket, which generally brings a vast portion of what makes this service excellent to the Windows Phone.

Poki is worth checking

If you have not yet try out this free app, then you are really missing something big. The service also includes official application for Mac, Android, iOS and Windows. It’s really worth checking out. For more details you can check out the review of the Android version.


Poki features2

Windows Phone comes with a distinct design and this free app really fits well. The menu of the application is divided into four panes, which can be slide in-between, providing an easy and simple navigable interface. The sole purpose of designing this free app is to deliver links for all the things that have been saved by the users around the Web. The first pane, where users will be spending most of their time viewing the saved items, reflects all the items which you have saved to Pocket. The recent enlisted items would be viewed by default.


A number of filtering options are provide by the app, it includes selecting only the unread items, items which you have archived already and items that you have marked as favourite. On the other hand, all the three options can also be viewed together. The whole list can also be sorted on the basis of various factors, like word count of articles, how long ago you have added the items to the Pocket and others. The features and benefits of using Poki do not end here, browse online to know more.

POki app for windows

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