Pin Drop App – A Utility App That Gets The Job Done


pin drop application

By now most everyone knows about foursquare, one of the most common location sharing apps that’s out there. Pin drop, for your Apple iPhone, is a similar app, with far less extraneous things intended for time wasting and distraction. Pin drop is a simple app that has all the utility you need, and none of the frills of its competitors.

What does Pin Drop App do?

It allows you to share specific locations you’ve been to with everyone via various social networking mediums and directly through the app, including things such as ratings and information about the location. It lets you set out reviews, rate a restaurant or store, and just share whatever thoughts you have.

pin drop features

Pin drop App does not have any of the little distractions foursquare does- no badges, no leader boards, no points – with all of the helpful utilities and sharing that app offers. It keeps things simple, allowing you to quickly and easily access and share whatever information you have and want. Further, it has a fully fleshed privacy system, letting you set things to personal, friends-only, or public- information you might want to keep to yourself, or that you might wish to share.

Overall the app is, in some ways, less fun. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles or additions that make foursquare such a hit. It’s its own app- and that isn’t a bad thing. It separates itself from the competition by being basic and sleek without feeling bad or ugly to use. But it has been choosen the most useful app by some reviewing company. It has some awards,too.
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