PayPal user can Send or Receive Money via Facebook Messenger in US


The tie-ups between the PayPal and Facebook is keep expanding. Earlier, the PayPal customer has got the facility of shopping on Messenger by linking their debit card or bank account to their Facebook account for money transaction. Now, the PayPal customers in the US can send or receive money via Facebook Messenger.

When did the company announce this new facility?

The electronic payment processor PayPal and the social network Facebook announced this great news yesterday. They said at present, this new facility has been rolled out only for the US customers. The PayPal user can send/receive the money person-to-person or to the group via Messenger chat.

How to send/receive the money?

To activate this new feature, the Messenger user needs to tap on the blue plus icon which appear within chat and then select the green payments button, both for sending or receiving money. Then choose the PayPal service as a source to make the transaction successful. The user can also send the money request to the groups or to one person. Your request will be sent as a notification in Messenger with options like accept or deny. If you accept the notification, then the amount will be transferred from your linked account. If you deny, then the person who sends the request will receive the notification.

The company has also introduced a bot messenger along with this new facility. This PayPal bot messenger is capable of handling a small issue like balance inquiries, resetting passwords and lot more. The bot will handle the conversation to the live rep for the complicated questions.

Is the Facebook Payment System is Safe?

The transaction via online has become common nowadays. Therefore, In order to safeguard the customer’s details, the Facebook converts the payment and user information into code. Moreover, keep your password secret and before transferring the money, make it sure that you are transferring the money to the known person. Remember you can transfer the money only to the US user who linked their PayPal account to the Facebook account. This new feature is available only for the iOS users and the Android users will receive this facility as soon as possible.