Nokia coming back in 2016


I must say, if Nokia returns back in the market with all latest features and capabilities (which a user wants), then one thing is sure, it will again start ruling the industry like a boss.

But before explaining, with which devices Nokia is planning to hit the market again, we must know, why it’s era ended.

Why Nokia’s era ended

I personally was a huge fan of Nokia phones but everything started changing when Google Android launched.

Android in very initial days, wasn’t too much popular and hence Nokia thought that it wouldn’t be ‘worrying thing’ for the company.

However, things started changing and people started getting attracted towards the high-end features and capabilities of Android OS.

Several giant companies like Samsung and HTC moved to Android. This was the point when Nokia started losing its ‘market value’.

However, the company had still a chance but it didn’t take it seriously.


In 2013, the company launched few Android-based phones, which became very popular, but Nokia failed to continue launching such devices and hence their market went down again.

Rebirth of Nokia

Now after 3 years, Nokia’s non-competitive deal with Microsoft is about to end this year, and the company has already agreed to bring back its brand in collaboration with HMD global.

If we look at rumors, then Nokia is planning to launch its two high-end phones, which will be obviously Android based.


The leaked images and specification of these phones, clear that the Nokia is planning to get the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which currently comes with high-end devices like Samsung S7 series, Moto Z, Sony Xperia X, OnePlus 3 etc.

If we talk about the display sizes, then the rumors say that the Nokia’s both phones will be having OLED display with sizes 5.2 inch Quad HD and 5.5 inch Quad HD, respectively.

Both these devices will run on Android 7.0 (Nougat) along with company’s Z-launcher UI.

Nokia is well known for its ‘stunning cameras’, so it is believed that it will continue the same quality with the rumored 22MP primary camera in its upcoming phones.

The smartphones are also reported to feature 3GB RAM, 32GB storage.

Also Mid-Range Phones

On the other hand, Nokia smartphones have also made a silent appearance on the benchmarking apps, like Geekbench and Antutu. And according to information taken from these benchmarking apps, Nokia’s smartphone codenamed D1-C appeared on Antutu listing, indicating it as mid-range smartphone specifications, which clears that the company is also planning some ‘cheap and best‘ phones for its customers.


The leak information of these mid-range phones states that these phone will have a primary camera of 13MP and a secondary camera of 8MP along with 2GB of RAM. These devices will run out of the box on Android 7.0 (Nougat) along with company’s Z-launcher UI.


Unfortunately, Nokia hasn’t confirmed the launch dates or specification of these phones, but looking at the rumor specs, it seems that the company is really planning to make a strong comeback.