New Technology Turns any Object into TV Remote


Most of us have the habit of searching for the remote while watching TV. Sometimes we get irritated if we can’t able to find the TV remote quickly when there is urgency. In order to overcome that, a new technology has been invented that can control the TV by just moving our daily using objects like teacups or toy cars. In the UIST2017 conference, the researchers from Lancaster University in the UK have presented this technique, which enables the movement of body or objects to interact with the TV screen.

Matchpoint Technology:

The “Matchpoint Technology” is a type of gesture control technology, which can use any object as a remote control. It is simple to operate and it only needs a webcam for its operation. In this, a circular widget with menu items will be displayed at the corner of the screen. The webcam acts as the interface for this operation. This movement and display interaction are described as spontaneous spatial coupling.

The circular widget has different control functions or targets like changing the channel, volume control, pause or play option and so on. Each object can be assigned to different functions like rolling toy car used for controlling the volume and teacup used to change the channel by moving left to right. The users can use stationary objects to couple with the target that will retain their control for prolonged periods.

Moreover, the software used for this tech doesn’t require any specific body parts because it has been developed to identify such like hand or head. The tech looks for rotating movement so it does not require any prior knowledge of the objects. This tech is more flexible and easy for the user while his hands are full with any other objects. The user can operate from any position while sitting on the sofa or standing.

This tech can also be used in other devices like tablet or computers to pause a tutorial video by engaging yourself with some other work. Multiple pointers can be created to allow more than one user for drawings on the interactive screen simultaneously. The Matchpoint tech will also allow the users to manipulate images by zoom in or zoom out and rotate the images by hands.

Using everyday objects for controlling the TV, tablet, computer, etc. is an impressive technology. It is a good replacement for the people who are unable to use the traditional control devices like remote controls, mouse or keyboard. In fact, these objects lose their coupling with the control targets by just removing them from the webcam.