New Facebook Moments App Promises Ease Of Sharing To All Users!


facebook moments app

Facebook Moments App is a new for everbody. A new bit of application has leaked from Facebook’s headquarters many people might be excited to learn about. The technology is called Moments, and seems to be designed to help people overcome some of the more awkward sides of how Facebook sharing and withholding works. It’s not slated for release yet, but some information is available to us.

What is this Facebook Moments?
What are Facebook Moments Features and Setting?

Moments is a app that allows you to select who you share any given post or upload with at the touch of only a few buttons. It allows you to create circles or groups that fit your sharing needs, and then allows quick and easy sharing with just those people.

facebook moments setting

We are sure that this application setting will be like group setting page. It’s unclear where the application will be available or what exactly all the features will be, but it’s clear that Facebook wants to move in a direction that makes precise sharing easier and more accessible.

What should you think about this?
Other companies and websites have had similar ideas in the past, but none of them have been tried on the sort of stage that Facebook holds, or to the market that Facebook has. It’s worth taking with a grain of salt, however, because there have been other products tested and built within the walls of Facebook HQ that never reached mainstream release. The leak and the source should not be trusted wholeheartedly, but it’s worth noting.

It’s an exciting development that shows Facebook listens to its consumers, but who knows how successful it’ll really be?
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