Need Something From Target? Order it via Google Assistant


Google has announced an expandable partnership with Target. On that note, the user can use the voice assistant for shopping at target and the purchased items will be delivered via Google Express service.

What is Google Express?

Google express is a straight competitor to Amazon Prime on delivering the products. It includes the retailers like Costco, Walgreen and a lot more. If you order any item in Target store, it will ship the product from your nearby Target store, therefore, you can receive it within two days.

How to shop with the Google Assistant?

The user can order or re-order an item at Target with their voice. Further, the user also got one advantage of shopping via Google voice assistant, yes, you can view the products before ordering it. The user needs to start his/her conversation by saying, “Ok Google, reorder paper towels from Target,” then the items will be added to your list.

For example, if you say to the Google assistant on your Google Home “Ok Google, order me a shampoo”. If you have accounts on both the and, then it will search for your frequently used website for ordering the shampoo, if it from Target, then it will place the order at Target store.

Is there any offer available?

Those who have ordered items above $35 will receive the items with free shipping and delivery cost. If you need the product immediately from the retailer, then you need to pay the delivery fee if the ordered product is less than $35. Target REDcard debit or credit card which was launched by the Target last year can integrate to their Google Express account, so that the user will get a discount of 5 percent from next year.


Initially, the Target and Google Assistant have first tested this in California and New York City by delivering the products via Google Express service. At present, this service got expanded nationwide and this new facility will work on Google Home or Android TV and very soon we can expect an update on the apps of Android and iOS smartphones.