Mozilla has Rolled-Out Beta Version of the New Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57)


Mozilla is one of the popular free and open source browser released back on September 23rd, 2002. The Mozilla displays the web pages with some new features for every update. Well, Mozilla announced the Firefox 57 project back in October, last year. The next-generation engine is designed in such a way that the Firefox hardware will provide the better performance in future. Moreover, the beta version of the Firefox 57 has been released last week, with the name “Quantum”.


According to the Speedometer benchmark result, we came to know that the Firefox 57 is two times faster than the Firefox 52 which was released a year ago. The new Mozilla Firefox 57 is referred to as Quantum due to the speed because it uses multiple CPU cores.

Photon Project:

It has the Photon Project, a new user interface which will provide better performance with high DPI display and also capable of detecting. Yes, it can detect your interaction method to know whether you’re using the mouse or touchscreen for interaction. On knowing your interaction method, it will automatically change the menu size with respect to it.


Moreover, the new Firefox also includes the minimalist design such as smooth animation, square tabs and a Library for quick access. The user can also use multiple browser windows like we use in other browsers but the Quantum Firefox has an advantage. It will give prioritize to the current web page by downloading the content quickly than downloading the content of another tab.


Further, the company reveals the information about its better performance. All the Firefox will mostly run in single CPU core whereas the Firefox 57 has multiple CPU cores for better performance. The improved computer’s hardware is the big reason for the fast browsing speed of the Firefox 57. Moreover, the company has released a video, which reveals that the Firefox 57 browser is much faster than the Chrome.

Pocket App:

The Firefox 57 has a built in Pocket app, which we already saw in Mozilla Firefox which was released in last year. The pocket app will show the current trending news whenever the user opens the new tab. This pocket app will also provide the offline save option where the user can save the articles and can read it anytime. Well, the beta version of the Firefox 57 has been released and it is expected that the public will receive it on November 17.