Microsoft Rolls out Cortana Personal Assistant to Support Skype Chats


It is difficult for most of us to switch in between our conversation to other apps to look for any updates. Now, Microsoft has brought a solution to this problem by rolling out Cortana in Skype chat. At present, the Cortana feature is available only in the US. Let’s see how the Cortana will help the user at the time of the conversation.

How the Cortana supports Skype chats

The Cortana feature in Skype chat suggests smart replies to your chat. With the help of its smart suggestion, the user can respond to their chat quickly by touching the suggestion. For example: if your friend ask, whether you are going to the cinema? The Cortana will suggest smart replies in the display including, “Yes” or “No” or something else. The user can send the reply simply by touching it.

Suggest Information

The user can see the Cortana as a chat option in the main chat screen. The user can have normal chat with it like we do with our friends and family members. The user will get the required information without switching to other apps. The Cortana will quickly respond to the user’s question by giving the answer as soon as possible. The user can ask Cortana to check the flight status, weekend weather, best restaurants nearby etc. The Cortana will search and display the required results to the user.

Remind the event

The Cortana not only suggest the quick replies to the user, it also reminds the user about important events. The Cortana will set a reminder with respect to your scheduling event and reminds you at the time of the event. This feature will be more helpful for the user to attend the event.


However, the Cortana will read all your private chat and suggest the smart and quick replies to the user. At present, the Company has rolled out Cortana feature in Skype for the Android and iOS in the US. We haven’t got any information about when the Cortana feature in Skype chat will reach other countries. Let’s wait for some more days to know the official information.