Microsoft Launches TruePlay in Windows 10, An Anti-Cheat Feature for UWP Games


The Windows 10 Fall Creator Update had already begun rolling out to users and it brings a lot of new features to the Windows 10. The new features include People integration, Windows Mixed reality, New Emoji, Pen and touch improvements and so on. In that note, Microsoft quietly rolled out an anti-cheat gaming features called “TruePlay”, similar to the Valves own anti-cheating software (VAC).

Microsoft reportedly mentioned this feature in Windows 10 Insider Build 16251, back in August but it has been remained quite since then. Suddenly, Microsoft displays the details about this feature in its MSDN page. Let’s see some of the interesting roles of this feature.

What will TruePlay do?

The new anti-cheat feature is a collection of APIs in which game developers can incorporate this in their games to detect the cheaters. In addition to this, the games that have this feature will run in a secured process and will mitigate any type of game cheats such as aimbots or wallhacks. Besides this, the TruePlay feature also provides an external Windows service that monitors the gaming session.

Further, if any cheating is detected, the anti-cheat feature will show alert to the players. On the other hand, it also collects the unauthorized cheater data and alerts will send to the game developer.

As for now, this feature is available only for games that are developed with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) technology. Since it is an API, integrating with the existing game might also use this feature. But, it is not clear whether the existing games will utilize it.

How to initialize TruePlay?

Due to the privacy concern for monitoring the user’s game, the TruePlay is not turned on by default. So, before playing games, the users will need to initialize it in the Setting section. Visit Settings on your PC and click onto the TruePlay in the left corner and enable this anti-cheat feature. Moreover, the user can enable this feature by searching for “TruePlay” via Cortana.

Why is it important?

Overall, it will embrace an extra layer of protection, especially for one who working so deep inside the Windows games. So, definitely in future, it will become very popular because many game cheaters are evolving each and every day.