Microsoft and Facebook together accomplished 4,100 Miles long Subsea Cable Project across the Atlantic Ocean


Microsoft and Facebook have completed their subsea cable project in last week. Do you know when the first subsea cable was laid? The Trans-Atlantic telegraph was the first submarine cable that laid in 1866 across the Atlantic Ocean to make the Telegraph connection easier. Before the submarine telegraph cable laid, the fastest ships were used to carry the handwritten message between North America and Europe. This handwritten message took more than a week to cross the Atlantic Ocean. After the submarine cable laid, the transmission process has become too easy with the telecommunication.

The US people came to know the importance of network and communication in 2012 when the Hurricane Sandy hit the US. This cyclone damaged and disconnected all communication systems like internet, home phone and for few days in the US. After that, Microsoft was in a thought of expanding their internet usage and brought the idea of laying the subsea cable across the Atlantic Ocean. The subsea cable will protect the internet connectivity from natural calamities. Well, Microsoft came to know that the Facebook also had the same idea of laying a subsea cable.

On that note, both the Microsoft and Facebook combined together on creating this project across the Atlantic Ocean. Then the Global telecom company Telxius has joined with the Microsoft and Facebook on constructing this project. The sub-sea cable for this project in the Atlantic Ocean is named as “Marea”, which is the first cable which connects Virginia (USA) and Bilbao (Spain). The construction of the Marea cable was started back in August 2016.

According to the Brad Smith, president of Microsoft said that the Marea comes at a critical time. This is because the Submarine cable carries more data than the trans-pacific cables. Yes, the Submarine cable laid in the Atlantic Ocean carries a 55 percent more data when compared to trans-pacific cable. The Marea cable is longer than 4,100 miles and can transmit 160 terabits of data per second. Therefore, it will deliver a super-fast internet which can deliver 71 million HD videos at a time. He also added that the project was completed quickly within two years of time, which is three times faster than usual. The project was completed in September 2017 and will start to operate from 2018.

Big tech companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook have started investing on the construction of their own submarine cables and infrastructure space instead of joining with the telecom operators. Moreover, Google has invested in two submarine cables, the first one will run between the US to Japan and second will cover South America and other Asian countries.