Japan Display may Sign a Multi-Billion-Dollar OLED deal with Apple replacing Samsung


Japan Display Inc. is an LCD technology joint venture of leading brands Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi, which was founded on April, 2012.  Japan Display is a prominent producers of LCD screen for smartphones. In fact, Apple is the only biggest customer of Japan Display for long time. Now the JDI is looking to secure $900 million for a new OLED production method. The demand of OLED screen is shooting up like a rocket day by day.

Why OLED Screens are Popular?

Though the initial cost for the manufacture of OLED screened smartphone is high, it has a huge advantages than the LCDs. The OLEDs are thinner, lighter and more flexible than LCD. The OLED utilizes plastic rather than the glass used for crystalline LED and LCD. Moreover, the glass absorbs some light.

OLEDs are brighter than others. The OLED generates light by themselves, while LCD requires backlighting. The OLED consumes less power than LCDs, which may not drain the battery of the devices. The OLED can be used to make larger sized screens due to its flexibility of plastic thin sheets.

The Competitors of Japan Display

Currently, Samsung is the only company that can reliably manufacture OLED displays for the smartphones and the company is aiming to begin its mass production in the upcoming years. Samsung produced its owned OLED screened Galaxy-branded devices that are successful till now. Moreover, they also supply OLED screens for other companies too.

Now, Apple launched its first smartphone with OLED screen iPhone X.  Samsung supplied OLED panels for the Apple’s new model iPhone X.  According to the Counterpoint Market Research, Samsung can make up to $14.3 billion from iPhone X sales in the sales of iPhone X for the first 20 months. This revenue is comparatively high to that of others and it is expected to exceed the first 20 months sales of Galaxy S8.

LG is also slowly expanding the OLED production to smaller sized panels and Japan Display is the newest company looking forward to raise about $900 million for OLED mass production. JOLED established by JDI, Sony and Panasonic has already approached dozens of investors, ranging from Sony to Canon.


Most of the smartphone brands are jumping to the OLED screens due to its popularity. Leading smartphone brand Apple is also planning to use OLED panels for its upcoming devices. Many OLED producers are likely to increase their production. Indeed, it is clear that the OLED screen is going to rule the smartphone market in the upcoming years.