iPhone 6 favoured over 6 Plus: Mini will not be substituted by the Plus


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the latest additions to the iPhone family. Previously, there were not many apps optimized for the 6 and 6 Plus versions. However, now that the device has been introduced in the market the app store is being flooded by these apps. The apps already existing in the app market can be downloaded and used on these devices. All apps get optimized by both these phones automatically. The phones adjust the resolutions of the apps automatically and graphics look sharper. A disadvantage of the 6 Plus is the size of the phone. The large size of the phone is conspicuous and overpowers the user. All the apps and icons seem huge and the 6 Plus seems like an inflated version of the iPhone 5.

6 Plus cannot replace many devices

iPhone 6 Plus has completely new screen resolutions which will make the apps look odd on it. The viewing of videos is a pleasant experience and the games will keep you busy because of the brighter display. There are few apps optimized for 6 Plus so the existing apps might not appear as good on this phone. The iPad Mini is a much more preferred device for reading books and comics as the proportions it offers is better than the 6 Plus. iPhone 6 Plus has perfect proportions for viewing a movie or streaming any video, but reading on this device is not a pleasant experience.

Why iPhone 6 will be preferred to iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 will act like a phone but the 6 Plus falls into a completely new category which is neither a phone nor a tablet. Phablets cannot compete with or take the place of tablets as these devices are much more advanced. People used to tablets cannot adapt to phablets soon. The small difference in size might help the iPhone 6 get a better response compared to the 6 Plus. The app market will soon have many apps which have been optimized for iPhone 6 but it will take longer to get optimized apps for 6 Plus. Being a phablet the 6 Plus has a keyboard which can be accessed with the thumb only, which makes fast typing a difficult task. The users of iPads will not find much use of this device.


Smaller the better

The iPhone 6 is smaller but people generally require phones which they can handle with only one hand. Having to handle a phone with two hands becomes a disadvantage for this phone. Individuals who own other devices of Apple will want to own an advanced but compact version of iPhone.