iOS 11 Won’t help you Turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from Control Center


Apple has successfully released a new set of updates including iOS 11, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 for the iPhones and iPads. Most of the iPhone users have the habit of turning off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth using the Control Center. It won’t help you anymore on turning off the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Yes, it is not that much easy to turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in iPhone with the new operating system, iOS 11.

Well, the iOS 11 won’t turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth using the Control Center which is displayed after swiping up from the buttom of the iPhone. When you press the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth icon in the Control Center, it will disconnect your device only from the accessory you are using. Yet, the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will continue to be active, since to make your device access to the important features.

The important features includes Instant Hotspot, AirPlay, AirDrop, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, Location Services and Continuity features. It is notable, that Apple has added this specific actions in the new iOS 11 is a feature and not a bug.

Do you all want to know, how to turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from your iDevice completely?

Moreover, the new operating system won’t allow the user to do this simply. Yes, the user needs to go to settings to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth every time to close it completely. Apple has made this step to make the user access to the aforementioned features. The Control Center will actually turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth only from where you are connected and not completely.

To turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth completely, follow these steps:

  • To turn off the Wi-Fi, go to settings, select the Wi-Fi and turn off it. The auto-join of any nearby network will also be disabled.
  • To turn off the Bluetooth, go to settings and select the Bluetooth option and turn off it.

Well, these steps will help you to turn off the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi completely. If in case, if you turn off your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from the Control Center, it will automatically re-enable at 5AM or when you restart your device. Moreover, the new iOS includes other features such as redesigned App Store, enhanced Siri features, new emoji, AirPlay 2 and more.