iOS 11 is Already Out – But Caught with Battery Drain Issues


Apple has launched a new operating system iOS 11 for the iPhone and iPad back in last week. Most of the iDevice users are enjoying the new features of iOS 11. It is known that every new launch of iOS will always end in some critics and iOS 11 is not an exception. Yes, some of the iOS 11 updated customers are facing battery draining problem in their iDevice.

The features of iOS 11 includes AirPlay 2, Siri, ARKit, a collection of new wallpaper, redesigned and customizable Control Center, new emoji and more. Moreover, it is not easy to turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from the control center in the updated iOS 11. Therefore, Settings is the only place where the user can turn off the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi completely.

However, the customers those who updated to iOS 11 feels that the battery started to drain quickly when compared to iOS 10. Other than this, the iDevice users are also reporting other issues after updating to iOS 11. The problems include issue with Siri, touch ID problems, touchscreen issues, sound problem, Bluetooth issues, installation problems, app performance and a lot more.

Wandera, a London based Security firm researched and gathered data with the 50,000 iDevice users and found that the problem was with the iOS 11 update. According to the report of Wandera, it is revealed that the iOS 10 runs 240 minutes before the battery dies, whereas the iOS 11 runs only 96 minutes after full charge. To make it clear, the decay rate for iOS 10 is 0.006958 percent, while iOS 11 decays 0.01739 percent per second. This shows that the battery decay for the iOS 11 is 60% worse while comparing with the iOS 10.

Let’s hope that the Apple Company will soon release the update with more focused on the battery saving in the coming months. Till that, the iDevice users can turn off GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using. And also disable background apps refresh (Settings –> General –> Background App Refresh). And also disable unwanted apps which are connected in location services (Settings –> Privacy –> Location services).

It is expected that the new features of the iOS 11 might be the reason for the quick battery drain. This is because the user interest in testing the new features might also be the reason for this issue. Anyway, the Cupertino-based company needs to fix this issues by releasing a new update as soon as possible.