Huawei Dominates Apple in Winning Chinese Hearts


Apple Inc is an American technology company established in 1976. The company is well-known for iPhones, iPads, Apple smartwatch, etc. and they are also experts in the field of software. The iPhone always tended to remain at the top position. However, the latest survey report suggests that Huawei has beaten the Global market of the Apple Company. Huawei is a Chinese manufacturer which was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei. Being a Chinese manufacturer, now it is a preferable smartphone in China than the iPhone.

Financial Times Survey:

According to the Financial Times survey, we came to know that the Huawei seems to be at the top choice. The report reveals that the people interest on buying the iPhone keeps on reducing every year, now it was dropped to 24.2 percent. Last year, the people interest was fallen to 25.8 percent whereas it was 31.4 percent in 2015. Well, Huawei has already beaten the Apple Global smartphone sales back in June and July this year. Now, according to the FT survey, Huawei has become a first choice for the smartphone buyers than the Apple iPhones.

According to the respondent statements of the FT report reveals that the people losing their interest in buying the iPhone. Yes, at the time of survey 65.1 percent respondents said that they are planning to buy the iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X. Well, last year it was 75.7 percent respondents said they have planned to buy iPhone 7. However, the iPhone 8 and 8 have got weaker demand and underperformance, while comparing with the last year iPhone.

Counterpoint Research’s Reports:

As per the Counterpoint Research’s reports of ‘Market Pulse for July 2017’ Samsung was at the first position and Huawei has taken the second position. This report reveals that Huawei sold more products than the Apple in June, July and August month. Well, Huawei’s steady investment in the R&D and manufacturing is the reason for achieving this milestone. And also Huawei’s aggressive marketing trick and also the expansion of sales channel are the reasons.

Further, in July month the Counterpoint also released a list of top ten selling smartphones. To our surprise, the Huawei is not there in the top ten lists. The decline of Apple is not only because of the lack of people on buying the iPhone but also due to the growth of mid-range phones in the market. This shows that the buyers prefer to buy the mid-range smartphones than the expensive iPhone.