HTC Smartwatch One Wear – Release date, Its video and review


It seems like the latest reports indicate that we may actually get the chance to see an HTC smartwatch, regardless of the fact that this didn’t seem very probable at first.

With this in mind, sources say that HTC’s smartwatch one wear will be released sometime in early 2015 which makes sense, as the company needs to get everything perfect in order to makes sure that their release of a watch will be considered successful from all the points of view. With this in mind, although it’s not 100%, it seems like the HTC smartwatch will get some more interesting features including a great display and perhaps a camera, but as a source states ‘features that will quickly make the public think about purchasing the watch’.

However, it is important to remember that these are still only rumours, but it wouldn’t really be a bad idea if HTC did indeed decide to release a smart watch as it seems like these devices are getting more and more popular as each day passes. In order to know for sure, we’ll have to wait for a couple of more months until more rumours appear or eventually until the actual device is announced by HTC. The last news it will have been released by the end of 2015


If you want to watch video about rumours, try that one:

Some HTC Smartwatch One Wear Photos