How to make your phone charge faster when it’s dead?


It doesn’t matter, how powerful and huge battery you have on your phone, it will drain and that too in one day (most probably).

Companies these days claim of bundling 3000mAh, 4000mAh and some even 5000mAh batteries with their phones, but do they actually stand more than one day.

Well, the majority of people would surely say “NO”.

I mean, I personally use an Android phone which has a 3600mAh battery and I can assure, it doesn’t last more than a day and sometimes not even a day.

Now when it comes to charging, most people prefer to charge their phone while using, but trust me guys, this is not at all a healthy practice.


So, here today I have come up with few tips and tricks to charge your phone faster and efficiently:

Avoid Using Phone while Charging !

You may have heard from several tech experts saying that using the phone while charging damages your phone and all.

Well, they are right.

But let me explain first that it’s not about “user will get electrocuted” or “phone will explode”. 

Using high-end apps, like playing high-end games or something else makes your phone warmer and it increases abruptly if the phone is plugged in. And indirectly it also heats up the battery, which is not so healthy for batteries.

However, there is the highest limit of temperature in every phone and if the temperature reaches to its limit, the phone gets switched off automatically.

And if you don’t use while charging, it will charge your phone faster because the energy consumption is very less comparatively. So, it is advised to not to use the phone while charging.

Don’t Charge Your Phone with Any Charger

Always use the right charger to charge your phone.

Well, first you need to understand, here “right charger” doesn’t mean, “same company’s charger” or “original charger”.

Here, right means the correct one for your phone.

Suppose, if your phone needs a fast charger which supplies a whopping 15 watts and you are using a normal charger which doesn’t supply that much energy, hence the phone will charge slowly.

That’s why it is advised to charge with right charger.

Never Charge Phone with Laptop

Charging our phone by connecting the USB port to the laptop port is just a normal thing, but we should know that by doing this we don’t provide enough power to the phone, resulting in slow charging.

Put in Airplane Mode while Charging

By doing this, we block every network signals on our device, which in background consumes a lot of energy.

And it’s obvious that if the phone wouldn’t consume energy, so it will charge more quickly.

Switching Off the Phone While Charging

Switching off your phone while charging, charges much faster than putting it in Airplane Mode, as there is no chance of energy consumption in any way.

Switching off Unnecessary Applications

Suppose, we have working GPS, WiFi or any other apps, while the phone charges, then obvious these features/apps would consume energy, resulting in delay charging.

So, it’s better to switch them off if you are not using.