How to check radiation level in Samsung mobile



The extreme evolution of technology has made the mobile phone an inevitable element to human race, just like the air, water and food. In the same manner, Samsung mobile phones with growing breakthrough technologies, offer users various features in their hands. Therefore, it is no wonder, it took the 2nd place in the world’s mobile market, next to Apple.

Despite of these facts, it is much more significant to know about the SAR value of a phone, since it stays all day long with us, no matter of wherever we are.Accordingly, this prolonged usage of mobile phones, certainly leads to the exposure of mobile radiation. Therefore, this should be avoided for a good health.

And that is why, this topic would reveal various things about the potential health effects that occurs due to the mobile radiation, and how to confirm, if the radiation levelsfrom your Samsung phone is at a safe pace.

Actually, the Samsung brand is keen on making their smart phones with low SAR value. Hence, Samsung prominently stood out among other smart phone manufactures in this factor.

Potential health hazards of mobile phone radiation

In a long run, the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that comes from our mobile phones lead to cellular damage. Many studies have stated that, over exposure to radiations due to extended mobile phone usage, would certainly make a way for various health ailments. Hence, it could impose a range of health discomforts such as headache, increased stress level, neurological problems, dizziness, insomnia or even a brain tumour. So it is necessary to check the radiation level from your phone, for the sake of, being away from those harmful radiations, moreover for staying in good health.

What actually, SAR is?

SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate, which specifies the unit of measuring RF (Radio Frequency), which has a tendency to be absorbed by the body, while using a mobile phone.

How to check for radiation level- SAR


Before purchasing a handset, just check for its Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value, in order to avoid any health issues. The safer radiation limits would be 1.6 watts per kg of weight. So any Samsung phones or any smart phones, which shows below this SAR level, would be safe to use.

By dialling the USSD code*#07#, you can check for the SAR value of your phone. Usually this should be lower than 1.6 watts per kg of weight of a smart phone.If it is so, you can go ahead with your phone or else we recommend you, to go for a phone that shows a lower SAR level.

Some Samsung phones exhibiting low, head SAR value

Samsung Galaxy Note 2:  > 0.42 W/kg,

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: > 1.07 W/kg.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:  > 1.20 W/kg,

Samsung Galaxy S5:  > 1.28 W/kg and

These Samsung smart phones are rated well for the lowest SAR value, among the well-known smart phones.


Before buying a smart phone, it is extremely important to check for its SAR value.So you could stay away from those harmful radiations, for the sake of well-being.