How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Your Sales Strategy


Artificial intelligence has been a subject matter of robotic neural scheme but now it has imprinted foot prints in all the fields, right from Apple’s Siri to Google Allo.

While launching a new product it is natural to get the customers acquainted with all the features of your product so that your product may be sold quicker than that of competitor! So outsourcing to AI tools is better than deputing huge work force on shift basis.  The feature of automation has also been tailored to answer the queries spontaneously and also diplomatically 24×7 with instant updates on sale prospect.

It is in high demand to reinvent the sales process and data-driven sales roles. Like the that effectively makes use of Artificial intelligence to integrate and analyze the oral conversations both from web conference conversations and Audio Viz., Zoom, Cisco, Web Ex etc.,. The net results are then integrated with CRM systems like sales  This improves insight which in-turn increases revenue by helping the sales rate skyrocketing.

B2B sales productivity can be improved by sharing sales conversations with clients and analyzing the reasons for the success rate. This enables you to find out the ideal way of selling your product successfully.

People are comfortable with the tools featured with artificial intelligence catering to the queries of diverse people in any part of the world.

Leveraging artificial intelligence to accelerate your sales trajectory includes the process of engaging virtual sales assistant. Conversica provides virtual sales assistant for identifying the sales opportunity and effectively monitor whether your company successfully responds to all the internet leads. When the real person is on the receiving end, the engagement rate should also be high around 50% and your virtual sales assistant being a friendly customer service rep, has to initiate effective conversation and get the customers’ phone number, right time to call, criteria to purchase and feedback.

The customer relationship is the most important facet to make customers visit again! Sales force Einstein is an intelligent customer relationship management tool that improves prediction by identifying customer’s taste thus improving your sales ROI and revenue generation. So machine learning is more efficient in unearthing the customer’s priority and frequency of orders to a particular product which optimizes your prediction while spam is also automatically negated.

SIPRO with machine learning technology is connected with your email and calendar and it indicates the need of the hour to struck deals that are volatile which helps you make more money by sticking to the right time that would have proved otherwise when delayed.

Reaching your customers is not enough; reaching at the right time is important

Google alerts and IFTTT tools instantly apprise you of the purchase signals like development of company’s infrastructure and manpower.  The purchase signals ought to have been tuned with the demand in the market so that timely delivery of services is ensured. This is better adopted by Technology solution providers, marketing agencies and hiring consultants.

Outbound sales automation and smart follow-ups

Problems of scheduling and re-scheduling your appointments and meetings are not a manageable task if it’s in a large scale. Genee takes the responsibility of being your virtual assistant in that case. If you send a date to your client and a copy of the same to Genee, it understands that you wish to have conversations on a particular date and accordingly it would send greetings automatically with added features of follow up in consonance with your calendar. is your Al-power personal assistant, effectively focused on scheduling your meetings and marks the schedules on your calendar for ready reference.

Tell your customers stories they like to hear

Analysis of customer’s sentiments from the incoming E-mails is better carried out by Sen Grid that is an artificially intelligent tool. It enables to write the Emails underscoring the advantages extracted from the past Email contents which would effectively befit sale prospects. This naturally makes your customers inclined to your product rather than directly trying to sell the product.

Artificial intelligence is diplomatic and flexible with logical reasoning, predisposing the prospect of widening sale base with a promise of skyrocketing sale trajectory.