Hidden iOS 8 Features and News



Following Apple’s exciting announcement for two new revolutionary products, the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, it is good to know that iOS 8 has also received a couple of improvements that not many people know about. Leaving aside the normal bug fixes and speed tweaks, we can also see a couple of new features.


new in ios8

New photo editing tool for making your shots better. You can edit your photo immediately after the shots. Don’t need to spend too much time for editing.


Add your voice to the conversation, send a video, share your location.

Helpful shortcuts, time-saving features are new in iOS 8.


Share your iTunes, app store, ibook products with your family free.

Save all files on your iphone and work on them wherever and whenever you want.


iOS 8 has also received significant improvements when it comes down to the Health app. People can now see information related to how much they’ve walked, how much they stood up during a day together with smart graphs and information related to the number of calories burned.

apple payWith these in mind an interesting feature known by the name of Apple Pay aims at revolutionizing the way that people pay in stores both in the offline, but also in the online environment. Users can easily touch their phones to a NFC reader in a shop while scanning their fingerprints to make fast and easy payments. Together with this, the new application is also secure as no credit card details are stored on your device and all the required information for a payment is encrypted.

Additionally, some will also be able to use their iPhone 6’s new sensors to see how many flights of stairs they’ve climbed and do a couple of more interesting things.

These two main features together with some smart updates related to the way that users can navigate around their iOS devices makes this version of the software suitable to be considered one of the most advanced in the world, as no other OS has quite this many features and such a nice user interface.

Do you want to watch these features? Check this Apple ios 8 WWDC presentation.

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