Google’s Pixel Buds can Translate Real-Time Languages


Google has launched Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL smartphones at an event in San Francisco last week. Google has also launched some other products along with the Pixel 2 smartphone including a home speaker, high-end Pixelbook laptop which will run on ChromeOS and wireless earphone.

Features of the Pixel Buds

Google surprised everyone at the end of the presentation by launching the Pixel Buds which is going to change the world. But, the Pixel Buds will support only the newly launched handset, Pixel 2. Further, the new Pixel Buds is not completely a wireless headphone, its features tethered wireless design. Yes, they have come with a thin cable connecting the two earbuds along with a small loop of wire for passing the sound. The headphone comes with a rechargeable case and extends up to five hours of battery life for a single charge.

Touch Control Features

The user can control the pixel buds by touching and holding the right side earbud. This touch control feature can also be used to pause the playback music and call the Google Assistant. This touch control will allow the user to change the songs by simply swiping forward and backward.

The Real-Time Translator

The Pixel Buds allows its users to understand 40 different languages with the help of Google Translation system. The user needs to start the conversation by saying, “Help me speak Japanese” then the user can start to speak. To present this amazing translation feature to the world, the company also conducted one onstage demo. As mentioned earlier, the pixel buds will support only the Pixel 2 handset. For Example, two Pixel 2 smartphone users started a conversation in English and Swedish through Pixel Buds. The Pixel Buds have translated the Swedish language into English and then translated the English language into Swedish in a real-time which shows the power of translation that the Pixel Buds features. Moreover, the Pixel Buds took only one or two seconds to translate each sentence into another language with the help of Google Translation system.


This amazing Pixel Buds headphone supports only the Pixel 2 smartphone. Here is the price detail for those who wish to buy the Pixel Buds. Well, the Pixel Buds is available in Black, White & Blue and put up with the price tag of $159 same as the Apple Air Pods. The company has started taking the pre-orders for the wireless headphone. Those who are interested in buying the wireless earbuds may visit the company’s official website for placing your orders.