Google Photos service is not showing the Backups option for some users


New version for Google Photo app

Google photos app allows its users to store and share the images, videos in it to others. Most of us have the habit of uploading their recent images and videos in the Google photos app. The Google photos app has received an update earlier this month, which fastens the sharing process but uploaded the video with low-clarity. The new update came with the built-in carousel share sheet feature, before this update, Google Photos service doesn’t support the Android share sheet system.

Now some of the regular users find that the Google photos are affected by the bug and for some cloud users the stored images have got misplaced. Some find that the backup option is missing in their Google photos service.

Moreover, Google has already informed about this bug. According to that, only the web version of the photo-storing service has been affected whereas, the Google Photos service on Android and iOS are still showing the backup option.

Further, it was first identified by folks at Android Police, and they filed a report against this issue in forums.  The first report was filed back on October 14. One of the forum users said that the Google Photos app on his Android phone shows the image on the Google Photos. He also added that before this issue, his device never shown the photos on the Google Photos Web app.

Google working on this bug

Moreover, we haven’t got any respond for the forum posts so far. However, some of the Top Contributors have told the company to clear this issue quickly. One of the contributors, Paolo Amoroso responded in Google forums, he said that there haven’t found any fixes for this issue till now, and also told us to wait till the Google came out with the solution.

Let’s find out whether you are free from bug

To check whether your Google Photos app is working correctly without the interference of the bug, just upload an image from your handset. If the image uploads successfully in the Web version of the Google Photos then your Google Photos service is free from the bug. If in case, the uploaded image is not there in online then you have to use the Google Photos mobile app to look at your uploaded image.