Google offers Bug Bounty to clean up Mobile Apps


According to Vineet Buch, director of Google Play Apps and Games said that Google not only focuses on their apps but also for the overall functioning of the system. Therefore, Google offers the security bounty for identifying the flaws in Android apps. The Google has decided to wipe out the bugs present in the Google Play store apps.

With whom Google has partnered on doing this?

Google has collaborated with HackerOne for finding out the apps which are easily accessible by the hackers. HackerOne, a bug bounty programme management website which targets the app that allows the hacker to infect the device with virus. According to Vineet Buch, director of Google Play Apps says that the software scans will not match with the person’s ability on finding the true creative hack.

How the bug catches you?

Though the Android user installs the apps from the Google Play store, the installed apps might come with some security problems. The bug problems will only affect the apps and not the OS.

The Rewarded Companies

The companies like Microsoft, Alphabet and Apple has got rewarded for tracking their own bug bounties. We know that Google cares for everyone, on that note, the Google Play Security Reward Program researchers researched the software produced by other companies. Further, we haven’t got any information about the funding details officially and it is said to start with a small amount. At present, Google offers $1,000 as a reward for each flaw.

The Bug Bounty Program

The apps which are signed up with the play Security Rewards Program will save you from the malware and ransomware. The apps like Google apps, Dropbox, Alibaba, Headspace and lot more will support the bug bounty. It is expected that soon the apps list will get extended with more sign up facility in the upcoming days.


Google had partnered with HackerOne for developing and implementing the security rewarded program. The HackerOne will scan all apps and back up the apps which are affected by malware. Moreover, Google has launched the bug bounty programme for the Android OS, back in June 2015 and doled out $1.5million vulnerability reports so far.