Google Low-cost Android Phone – The Micromax Canvas A1


micromax canvas a1

The Micromax Canvas A1, one of three new phones out of Google‘s new budget initiative, looks to be, in some small ways, the best of the bunch. With small upgrades over the other two announced and solid stats across the board, the phone is promising to be the top dog in the budget phones for a long time to come.

What makes it special?

The A-1 has to match its slightly higher price tag, some more advanced built-in tech, featuring a gyroscope, a compass, ambient light and a 5 megapixel camera. It boasts a 4-core 1.3 gigahertz processor coupled with capacity for a 64 gig memory card- twice the other two, and high end for a budget option.

The Micromax also has all standard connectivity- Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi with a front and rear camera, 4 gigabytes of on-board memory, and android 4.4.4 software at launch. The phone is poised to be nowhere near the bottom of the curve on quality for what it has, despite a lower than average price tag in today’s day of several-hundred-dollar phones.

Let’s talk about its features:
micromax canvas a1 features-1
micromax canvas a1 features-2
micromax canvas a1 features-3

It might not have the size or power of other new model phones from other companies, but Google is looking to cater to everyday consumers who don’t necessarily wish to spend that much money on their phone. It is much lighter on your wallet than other phones, so you might think you’re losing out on quality. But you will not be disappointed with these phones. They will deliver their value quite easily, especially when compared to phones of just last year.

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