Google acquires some HTC employees for $1.1 billion to create the best Smartphone ever


HTC Received $1.1 billion cash from Google

Google has made its second big purchase. Yes, it is officially announced by Google and HTC about their new agreement. It clearly states that Google has made this agreement with only certain employee of HTC, who worked for Google on developing the Pixel smartphone launched, back in the last year. Well, the HTC will receive a cash of $1.1 billion for the exchange of the employees.

Do you remember, what was the previous big purchase of Google? Yes! It is the acquisition of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion back in 2011. Again Google has taken a huge step by signing a new agreement with HTC.

Google and HTC new Agreement

As mentioned above the HTC employees who worked on the project of developing the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones were re-joined again to create a new invention in future, in addition to the acquisition Google will receive a non-exclusive license with the HTC’s intellectual property. This agreement will help HTC to excel in developing their upcoming flagship smartphones and HTC will invest in expanding its VR platform; they can also invest in AI, AR and loT.

This new agreement will not only excel HTC’s future project, but this clearly states the commitment of Google towards its Pixel line up smartphones. It will also help Google to strengthen and streamline Pixel’s portfolio. This agreement also opens the door for Google to the new technology hub in the HTC’s home country of Taiwan.

New agreement not yet approved

The transaction is waiting for the approval of the regulatory officers which is usual, and this might take some time to get completed. So as per the regulation it is expected to get completed by beginning of 2018.

By this big move, Google is ready to challenge the other Android smartphone manufactures, including the LG, Huawei and Samsung. The upcoming year will be a milestone for all smartphone manufactures. By the partnership of HTC and Google, the Nexus line-up was a huge success back in 2010. So we expect the kind of success in the upcoming years.

Google upcoming smartphones

Here is the Google’s upcoming products list, which includes HTC-made Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL (manufactured by LG), Google Home Mini and Pixel book. These upcoming products will be launched on October 4th at an event in San Francisco. This new agreement will be grateful for both the HTC and Google in the future.